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Fear – It’s a tool, for good or bad – it’s up to you.

“Fear is like a sword and thus a tool; used outward it can slay 1000 dragons, used inward it can kill but one.” – Dave Jones, Founder Captive Coaching and Consulting It’s amazing, whether we’re discussing an executive in a … Continue reading

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Perspective – it’s everything.

I recently saw one of my personal heroes, one I try to emulate, Tony Robbins.  During his presentation he referenced perspective.  As he discussed perspective he reminded us that our worst day is always able to be considered the dream … Continue reading

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Insincere Employers Beware!!

Recently while on a business trip, I had lunch with an executive and we discussed his company’s view of employee engagement and employee ‘perks’.  He works for a very large retail corporation – did I say very large?  Because I … Continue reading

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