About Us

Captive Coaching and Empowerment was built under a few beliefs:

1)  There are two primary choices in life:  To accept conditions as they exist, OR Accept the responsibility for changing them.

2)  People who want to find fulfillment in their lives should have an avenue to discover their own path.

3)  The laws, tenets and constants of Human Nature dictate everything; knowing and applying them is a major advantage to business and in seeking personal growth.

4)  American business has lost most business advantage – what we have left and is best is our people.  Powered by the tenets of Human Nature we are unstoppable in business.

Our Elevator Introductions:

For Executives, Individuals and Couples:  “We help improve people’s lives by helping them discover and eliminate the emotional hurdles that have been placed in their way by self or others, that negatively impact their lives both personally and in business.”

For Business:  “We guarantee that with usually minor adjustments, we’ll dramatically increase the rates of absorption, retention and application of your training and sales programs and presentations.  We’re experts in Human Nature and everything comes down to Human Nature.”

Core Values:  Honesty, Integrity, Charity, Reliability, Humility

Mission:  To empower every American with the knowledge that awareness and growth of self creates better employees, employers while building fulfilling lives, happy homes and profitable American businesses.

Vision:  To be the preeminent experts in the field of Human Nature while proving the partnership of charity and capitalism is functional and essential; that every individual learns when empowered by truth and passion they fulfill not only their potential but improves our world.

Origin of NameClient Acquisition & Professional Training to Increase the Value of Enterprise (or Everyone).

Logo Caption:  Elevate. Motivate. Captivate.

Motto:  Your Clients, Your Employees – Let us help you improve your bottom line by knowing theirs.

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