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One Life Lesson at a Lesbian Bar in D.C.

A number of years ago a buddy of mine was turning 40. His wife gathered his dearest friends and arranged a night on the town for us to share with her husband.  She contracted a limo to take us around … Continue reading

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The Loss of Free Will (Why people feel how they feel and vote how they vote)

  As the story goes, there was a little girl watching her mother prepare the food on Easter morning. She’d help where she could but watched intently everything her mother did.  When it came time for her mother to prepare … Continue reading

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An Apology Letter to Donald Trump

Mr. Trump, As a middle-aged black man I heard your rhetoric early on. And I thought that maybe this man could shake things up; disrupt the status quo, overturn the apple cart as it were.  But then I continued to … Continue reading

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