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There is Truly Blood on The Redskins ­– The REAL Reason the Name MUST Change and Why It’s NOT an Issue of Political-Correctness

What about the controversy surrounding the iconic and beloved by many, Washington Redskins?   It’s all about this political correctness crap, right?  And really – why would anyone have an issue with their name?  Redskins are just another name for Indians, … Continue reading

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Never Need a Pen During Your Last Breath

Medical personnel were in a bustle all around me, the cardiologist in the ER explained to me that I needed an operation that couldn’t be performed at this hospital to which the ambulance had delivered me and that I must … Continue reading

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The Hottest “Hot Button”

Tom was sitting in the rowboat with 3 of his buddies, they had the afternoon free of classes in the seminary and they decided a rowboat ride on the Mississippi was just what the doctor ordered.  They had their lunch … Continue reading

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