An Apology Letter to Donald Trump

Mr. Trump,

As a middle-aged black man I heard your rhetoric early on. And I thought that maybe this man could shake things up; disrupt the status quo, overturn the apple cart as it were.  But then I continued to hear more and more your mantra being promoted.  That you were going to “Make America great again” and more and more I thought –

When did America stop being great?

I saw the white supremacists support you and other extremists, those that hate all that is different from them; and I thought, this can’t be how The Donald really feels … But then I continued to see an absence of denial or rejection of their support or even a rejection of their beliefs toward them.

So I began to understand, like most people who allowed their thoughts to be revealed to others and like the majority of the rest of the outside world; that you were a buffoon.

But I was wrong, we were all wrong – you are not a buffoon.  And now I understand.  And therefore I apologize.

It’s not that you and I had a different view of America – it’s that we had a different definition of Great.

I had thought that the growth toward racial equality was good, that the trend of acceptance of others, whether they be gay or straight, Christian or Muslim, abled or disabled marked progress.  That America was trying to be the model nation toward the acceptance of all and that sometimes, just sometimes, how a nation sees and treats its people is more important than economics. 

America wasn’t perfect by any means but it’s growth toward allowing women to have control of their bodies was a step in the right direction; that black and brown people could hope to see true equality in their future when previous generations couldn’t even hope and that this hope was now supported by a tremendous number of white people as well.  We enacted legislation prohibiting lesser treatment of the disabled and elderly.  We even began to understand that people of the same sex have a right to have happiness or misery as equally as everyone else by allowing them to marry.  We had been making strides.

But then you were elected with less than the popular vote and all of the polls were wrong – for the first time. Whether the voting was hacked by Russia, China or North Korea or that the will of people had been heard – it was now real.

It then hit me like a ton of bricks – and I now understand exactly what you have meant by “Making America great again”.

You didn’t want this growth.  Or at least, you wanted the support of all those people who resented the growth.

You want the world as it was post WWII, when the economy was booming – because we all know that war is great for our economy; When women knew their role – to stay in the kitchen and be Man’s sexual and domestic subservient; When different religions were shunned, LGTB’s occupied our closets and minorities occupied the backseat, to never think or believe equality to White America was possible.

This is the America you want and this is what it means to you, to be great again. So I truly apologize for not having understood — after all, this is what you’ve been telling us all along…

We just weren’t listening.

About captivecoaching

David Jones is the founder of Captive Coaching and Consulting, LLC. Captive was founded to serve two aspects: 1) To assist with the growth of individuals in their personal and business lives as well as their relationships 2) To improve the employee production, employee retention and profitability of businesses by applying the principles of APACHE theory.
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