Periodically I am drawn or compelled to voice an opinion on current events from a perspective I hope will allow people to view a discussion from multiple sides.  This is the section where I will post my opinions or those of others that support people rather than demeaning or denigrating.

I have little faith in our political system but there are times when I cannot remain silent if I believe that a people or group needs support.  Further, in our times there are events when people or organizations utilize fear as a tool to achieve their desires or goals.  Since I have devoted the second half of my life to the empowerment of people, I will always draw as much attention to these circumstances and hopefully present the perspectives in ways that make people think and consider a viewpoint other than their own.

I have no political affiliation and have considered myself an independent for the last 20 years – therefore any points of which I draw attention are solely for the benefit of our society and our people, as I see it.

Physical fear and physical pain exist to help protect ourselves from danger and injury.  Emotional fear is man-made, thus able to be revealed and conquered.

I hope you read with this understanding and allow yourself to consider the points as they are only my opinion.