Contact us for workshops that we can provide for your organization, group or business.  We will also work with charitable organizations to provide workshops in concert with their fundraising efforts.

Email:  Phone: (980) 349-6931

Empowerment Workshops

  • We focus on empowering groups and individuals removing the unconscious limitations placed upon by them by societal norms.
  • With a focus on teaching women to fully understand the tenets of Human Nature and how to eliminate these from being used to suppress and oppress them, freeing them to fulfill their potential.

Personal Development and Discovery Workshops

  • Fulfilling Relationships I, II, III – for singles, partners and the divorced
  • Effective Communication and Management
  • Overcoming Infidelity
  • Understanding and Conquering the Impact of “Baggage” in Life and Relationships
  • Recognizing the Potential Within
  • Understanding and Overcoming the Impact of Fear
  • Fear and Parenting

Organizational Workshop Programs

  • Effective Leadership Development
  • Authentic Sales Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion for Effective Change Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Effective Communications and Management

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