Empowerment Workshops for Women

Empowerment is the state attained after having discovered and having eliminated the impact of these learned lessons, resulting in the true understanding that one’s fulfillment is only limited by their gifts, capabilities, intellect, will and passion; and having learned how to prevent the will of another from impacting our empowerment.

Empowering groups and individuals by removing the unconscious limitations placed upon by them by societal norms is imperative for true equality within our society and for the success of that society.

When we seek knowledge, wisdom and strength from only 50% of our population, we can only ever be 50% evolved.

Empowerment has become somewhat of a “buzzword” and therefore can lose some true essence of its need to be experienced.  At Captive Coaching we teach and coach based on our belief that we all are born with every tool we need to find success, fulfillment and happiness.  We unconsciously learn taught or untaught lessons that impact our lives and limit or eliminate true chance of fulfillment.

Whether we are doing Empowerment workshops for women, minorities or other groups, participants leave with a new sense of self and power.