Coaching Testimonials

– “David is fantastic! He embodies great listening skills, a knack for getting to the root of an issue, and insightful guidance. He helped me not only move to the next level, but also believe in myself.” – Patrick Swift, Ph.D, Dir. of Int’l and Patient Services at NYU Langone Medical Center

– “I had a pretty incredible session with my coach today. wow, I’m not fixed by a damn sight but I had a paradigm shift, so we’ll call it a win. if any of you are looking for a coach who I label as a “life coach” because we really focus on more than just my business I can say I have someone who I am convinced is absolutely the best. it can be a bit irritating because he can help me pull the most amazing conclusions after I think he’s going in a completely different direction. Whether you’re in sales, general business or just need some help in life this guy is absolutely terrific. if you’re looking for a coach contact me, I’m happy to share more about him.” – EW

-“David is worth his weight in gold. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who cares more about your success as business person and an individual than David Jones.” – Bill Westrom, CEO of; co-author of Master Your Debt

-“… David has identified things in my life that were holding me back and inhibiting me from not only being successful as a young professional but as a man as well. Our time together has not only opened up my eyes to things that will increase my success professionally but increase my happiness from a personal aspect as well.

I can only imagine that David’s coaching will continue to be an absolute necessity in every step of my life moving forward. His insight and creativity, is nearly hard to believe in some cases–but once you are capable of accepting what he has unearthed; the level of success you are able to achieve is endless.

As a former college athlete for 4 years, I can only imagine what a tremendous asset it would have been to work with David throughout that journey as well. That all being said I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Jones for business, life, or athletic coaching no matter what level of success you have obtained so far.” – D. Manning, District Sales Mgr.

-“David has a unique ability to find the things, both aware and subconscious, that prevent you from living up to your full potential. He combines that with a coaching style that teaches how to “see it for yourself” and address the areas that are holding you back. Whether in business or for personal accomplishment, David Jones will help you meet and exceed where you have fallen short in the past.” Chris M, Regional Sales Rep.

-“Nobody is safe from the frustrations of today’s job market. As my coach, Dave Jones was able to help me identify the true nature of my doubts and fears arising from making a sound career-path decision. In a series of short steps, my coach was able to align my true motivations and desires into a practical and sensible ‘growth playbook’.” – Neil M., IT Executive

-“Dave has a wonderfully remarkable gift.  He professionally and artfully facilitates conversations that ensure deeply thoughtful reflections on one’s internal and external barriers.  During our coaching sessions I found myself unwrapping my own gifts and unpacking the deepest internal barriers I placed in my own path.  As I continue my journey of learning and gaining more awareness (thanks to the seeds he has planted) I am bringing more into the light, allowing myself to release, free and embrace my desires, strengths, passions and talents.”  – Kilby Watson

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