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Tolerance and Acceptance – Why Dr. King’s message is still needed.

Today we celebrate the life of one of the great men the world has known in Martin Luther King, Jr.; A man considered to be a hero among African Americans as well as those supportive of the Civil Rights movement … Continue reading

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The Top Four Reasons Goals and Resolutions Aren’t Realized (and what you can do about it)

Ever wonder why your goals, benchmarks or resolutions aren’t met?  What if there was a way to discover if you were likely to achieve them? We’re once again at the beginning of another year, a time when people tend to … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes From an Idealist

For those who protect us: Bravery isn’t fearlessness; its moving forward and doing what needs to be done, in spite of the fear – thank you and we all wish you safety. For those who give of themselves to better our … Continue reading

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