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The Origin, Essence and Application of Emotional Fear and its Application to Life and Business (Subtitle: Why the *&@# do we do what we do?)

… imagine the peace and self-acceptance that results from Discovery in our personal lives and within our relationships.  Imagine being able to truly hear what your partner is saying, rather than feeling that they are attacking you.  AND imagine how … Continue reading

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Relationships and This New Economy

Well, nearly everywhere we look we hear about the new economy; but really is it?  I mean really, it’s been going on long enough that we should just be able to call it this economy.  We all know the impact … Continue reading

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Covenants, Promises, Oaths, Obligations and Guilt – and the correlation in pain we charge ourselves for breaking them

A coaching client was discussing her need to discover who she really is.  Discovery Coaching is about exactly that – who we are, why we became who we are, what elements of our history has had major impact on how … Continue reading

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