Christmas Wishes From an Idealist

For those who protect us: Bravery isn’t fearlessness; its moving forward and doing what needs to be done, in spite of the fear – thank you and we all wish you safety.

For those who give of themselves to better our world: to know you are the real role models.

For the leaders of the world: to realize that real leaders don’t have to lead, nor are those who must have followers.  A leader is one who knows where to go and how to get there and wants to bring you along.

For the politicians in Washington: White, Black and Brown are colors that aren’t supposed to matter anymore – so why should Red or Blue?

For the individual: to realize that when you hate, you tell the world you are unable to love but when you truly love, you tell the world that you don’t believe that hate exists.

For the parents in the world raising the leaders of tomorrow: parenting requires a very tough choice, to be their friend now or to be their friend later  –  it is impossible to do both.

For the children of today: to know that an inspired, engaged and empowered individual is incapable of nothing and is extremely aware of their limitations.

For those I love:  to know just how much you are loved.

From those I’ve wronged: forgiveness, with two exceptions in high school, I have never intentionally tried to hurt anyone.

For those I’ve trained: to understand that with prosperity comes the ability to make change.

For those I’ve coached: that your found peace remains your entire life and shared with others.

For those I’ve met : I hope I touched in some small way.

For those I’ve not met: I hope as many touch your life as those that have touched mine.

For those in the world who think war is a solution: that when you understand what fear is and what it can do, you’ll no longer suffer the consequences of its impact.

For the wealthy: you don’t need to share your wealth but to teach others how to avoid poverty.

For us all to remember: Fed at the dinner party of “life” – conscience for the soul, trust for the heart and hope for your mind; all we have to do is show up on time, eat and not leave early.

For every one of us: to have a Merry Christmas.

About captivecoaching

David Jones is the founder of Captive Coaching and Consulting, LLC. Captive was founded to serve two aspects: 1) To assist with the growth of individuals in their personal and business lives as well as their relationships 2) To improve the employee production, employee retention and profitability of businesses by applying the principles of APACHE theory.
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